Tousuiro, Kyoto

Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture ー If you are ever in Kyoto and are looking for a refined, light lunch or dinner, then there is no better place than Tousuiro (豆水楼).

Tousuiro specializes in Tofu and you may need to leave behind what you know about western tofu in order to truly enjoy your meal. There is no comparison between the packaged tofu from a supermarket and what is presented in every course at this restaurant. There are a number of different course options to choose from, but the one I’ll be introducing today is a basic lunch course for ¥2,500.

If you are worried about not feeling full after a meal of tofu, many of the courses also include other items such as fish, meat, etc. The menu and ingredients used change with the seasons as well, so you can never go wrong eating there multiple times.

When making a reservation, make sure to ask for a counter seat so that you can watch the chefs prepare your meal. I’ve had the chance to eat at both the Kiyamachi and Gion locations and can say that they are both equally wonderful.


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