Graduation & University Results

Minoh, Osaka Prefecture ー Graduation was held this morning and was yet another reminder of how fast time has passed since arriving in Osaka last April. It was nice seeing everyone dressed up and excited to wrap up what’s been a challenging year.

Most of my classmates will be heading off to Tokyo to continue their studies, so we took one last group picture. Comparing it to the picture from the beginning of the year, it’s neat seeing how much everyone has changed.

In other news, after months of waiting, the final university results have been announced and I am thrilled to say that I got into my first choice, Osaka University’s Faculty of Law, for International Public Policy.

The confirmation letter from the university saying that I’ve been admitted.

The application process was quite long. After finishing exams in December, we had a few days to rank 7 universities and programs that we were interested in attending. Along with that we submitted an essay stating why we chose the major we were applying for and outlining our past experiences.

From there, applications were sent to MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) who decided where our applications would be sent. Depending on the school and program, some students were required to complete an interview/written exam (sometimes both). Lucky for me, Osaka University’s Faculty of Law does not require any additional exams.

In January, we were given the university that we would be “applying for” (taking the interview/exams). At this time, I knew I had been approved for Osaka University, but the results couldn’t be made public. Finally, this week, the final confirmation letter came in.

Now that the results are official, I’m scrambling to find and set up an apartment before university starts in April! Lots to do, so little time!


  1. Was so happy to read your email and that you were accepted to Osaka U.
    How proud we all are of you and all you have accomplished in your young life. Congratulations, upward and onward Zac. The Brewers


  2. Hi Scott:

    Congratulations on being admitted to the law school. Natalie mentioned this good news to me during our school build project here in Zambia a few days ago.

    All the best.


    Sent from my iPad



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