In 2013, I came to Japan for the first time as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. I spent one year in Nobeoka, Miyazaki and became captivated by Japanese history and culture. By the end of the year, I was determined to return for university.

After graduating from high school, I applied for a scholarship offered by the Japanese government (MEXT). In 2017, I boarded a plane bound for Japan where I would spend the next five years studying at university.

My first year was spent at the Center for Japanese Language and Culture at Osaka University where I studied alongside 50 scholars from around the world. The following year I enrolled in the School of Law, Department of International Public Policy at Osaka University. Currently, I am a fourth-year undergraduate studying health and diplomacy.

Of course, this blog is much more than a recap of my university experiences. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling the country and learning more about culture and history. I hope to share with you a little piece of Japan, wherever you may be in the world.